Yellow: Proceed with Caution


Is reincarnation a reversible concept? Like a gym pinnie?

Most people like the kickass red side-the one that whispers the reason you don’t like water is because you drowned in a past life. Most people like the red deja vu side … it’s romantic in a weird way. It’s sexy to know where you’ve been.

But no one acknowledges the shitty yellow side that has all the sweat and grass stains from exertion and failed attempts-the one that pulls you forward, towards the morass of what lies ahead. People don’t seem to like the yellow side … it’s not the psychic with the crystal ball who, despite her occupation, has a phone number, or the mysterious bandana-ed tarot card reader in a tent.

I quite like the yellow side. Sure, the nagging imp of deja vu, knocking at the paned glass of your mind, is a fun, yet fleeting guest. But I like even more the benevolent, silent specter of the future gliding into your chest cavity and pulsing an electric current through the speedway of your veins; you hum back to life like a rejuvenated generator and your mind senses that this place or person or thing will be of significance to it … will be integral to your future.

Deja vu yanks you backward by your red collar, halting forward progress, grumbling, “you’ve been here before, you idiot, don’t you remember?”

But future coaxes you onward with lithe fingers, reaching for your yellow, sullied pinnie, whispering, “this is all right. You’re where you’re supposed to be.”

3 thoughts on “Yellow: Proceed with Caution

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for your comment! Do you like it as vague as it is, or do you think it could be better with some clarification?
      I have an intense, complicated, and specific emotion that I’m trying to convey, but perhaps I didn’t succeed in that. What do you think? 🙂

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      • “Do you like it as vague as it is, or do you think it could be served with some clarification?”

        both, to be honest 🙂

        “I have an intense, complicated, and specific emotion that I’m trying to convey”

        i think this post makes you extremely interesting. i want more. im a deeply analytical person with a slight bent for the mystical (which i developed much later in life.)

        either way, im glad im following you and i look forward to more posts. forgive me for speaking broadly and perhaps appearing to avoid your questions– i didnt avoid them at all.

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