And You’re Growing

Here’s the room and here’s the door,
Here’s the hallway to different floors.
Here’s the place where fire burns,
And here, the chairs where you’ll return.

We’ve been in this place before,
The two of you and several more,
I’ve watched you play and helped you eat,
I’ve hid and sought you, on repeat.

We met, a tree with branches ten,
Your two leaves still growing then,
Directly next to mine, mid-bloom,
And all of this, just in this room.

Now, here you are.

You, all elbows and floppy feet,
Your smiling face all red and rocky,
Your upper lip a strip of peach,
A man amidst your boyish speech.

You, a statued hourglass,
Your face a map of seconds passed,
Your shoulders slumped against your height,
A woman growing in my sight.

I’ve seen your faces here before,
The ones I’ve seen will nevermore
Be here to cheer me. Now I see
The time I’ve lost, unknown to me.

Your leaves and mine, at last combined,
Though seasons pass, our stars align.
So to this tree, our love’s a sun,
For it, and you, and I are one.


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