A Friend of My Friend

Still I know there are greater loves in her life, just as there are in mine.

She spends sunny days in rain when he is far, and comes to talk to me instead.
Not settling for me, I’d say, but coming to me because he can’t come to her.
I spend rain and sun, both, with myself and nearer friends,
But the days are better, sun or no, when spent with a dearer friend.

For when we do come together-her head tucked just so under my chin-
It occurs to me
That, to that end,
I’m glad I can be
A friend of my friend.


NOTE: I haven’t had time to write any prose or poetry the past few days as I’ve been writing music for my composition project: Shakespeare’s As You Like It. Below is a selection from the piece, musicalizing Rosalind and Celia’s friendship (which sounds a lot like my friendship in the poem above); at the end of the clip, the scene transitions into their bedroom where Rosalind is distraught and Celia is trying to cheer her up. I hope you hear your own friendships in the music.


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