Coffee Culture


Directions for reading: Drink two shots of espresso, then read aloud (as this was the state of caffeination in which it was written).

Question: Do you have iced coffee?

Answer: Do we have iced coffee.
Frozen, iced, cool, tepid, warm, hot, scalding, yes.
Caffeine is O2.
Mind pulsing with caffeine is faster,
Heart breathing with caffeine is lighter,
Lungs thinking with caffeine are happier.
Thoughts are runners, eyes are dancers, tongues are gymnasts and
If you can’t keep up, here’s a shot of espresso.
Yes, it’s ES-presso, but, you’re right, it should be EXPRESS-o that would make more sense.
Excuse me while I percolate.
Grinding, roasting, steeping all at top speed. Supply and demand and all that.
Coffee keeps you in the left lane.
Espresso keeps your neurons firing.
Nike. Just do it. With coffee.

Question: Do you have lattes or mochas?

Answer: Coffee’s only soulmate is and shall ever be milk.
Cows originated in the coffee belt, did you know that?
Then they moseyed and regurgitated their way around the globe from there although
how they got to Australia … maybe they swam.
Caffeine addicts probably shipped them over, figured they needed to be together.
Cows and coffee.
Then chocolate, milk, and coffee is what God drinks, I’m sure.
God spoke to some guy in Yemen, in the town of Mocha, and gave him the recipe.
The eleventh commandment.
The burning arabica plant.
The thirteenth apostle.
Some are enlightened, some are caffeinated.
I know which I’d rather be.
At least we know which one gets stuff done.

Question: Do you have tea?

Answer: Light-weights are free to move on.

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