I contemplate my existence,
pawing through the undergrowth.
My nails pick up soil-
to keep a bit of earth always close at hand.
Crawling creatures frozen in the beginning stages of evolution-
Caught in an age of eight, ten, a dozen legs,
Before there were two-
Venture in and out of the rich earth.

They have watched the goings on from amongst the green blades,
In between the rocks, which soon became bricks,
Alongside the rivers which soon became dams.

They have seen and understood first clubs.
Yes, these were hunks of wood, shaved and carved.
Next they saw bows and arrows.
Yes, these were thin branches, bent and strung.
Next they saw swords.
Yes, these were rocks, melted and mangled.

But what is this, now?
Black as death, loud as thunder, unforgiving as the flood,
Unfamiliar to any time or place they have seen in their long existence.

So this is the result of human evolution.

The timeless creatures dive back into the earth and I am envious.
They can escape my devolution, I cannot.


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