That Line


“Look out to the horizon,” they said in whispered tone.
“Look there to see the new day come, and know you’re not alone.”
Then twelve years on, they left me to stare into the blue,
To look and hope for what will come just after morning’s due.

But then I saw a spark, a dream just out of reach.
I pulled and yearned and stretched and turned, my fingers all outreached.
It shuddered once and, sliding, it moved towards my hands,
And whether all my trying helped, I’ll never understand.

My body ached with effort, all strength inside me spent,
Yet as the light grew nearer, every hurt turned to content.
A spark leaped from the dream, and lit upon my palm,
And in that single instant, I knew an unknown calm.

But once within my grasp, I shouted once in fear,
The sparkling dream, so bright, so dear, did start to disappear.
Still sliding as it came, it vanished on behind,
And, wet with tears, my eyes returned, trained only to that line.


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