Here, at Quarter of Noon

It’s quarter of noon. I am soon to be twenty-years-old and it’s about 11:45 AM in my life. I’m currently waiting on the warmest part of the day, but have experienced enough of the morning that I can comment on how I think the day will progress. I woke up at 8 AM. Half an hour ago, I graduated from high school and in another half hour, I will graduate from college. I will turn twenty in about two minutes and will go to bed in 15 seconds. These are approximations, of course.

So because it’s such a promising time of day and because many of my family and friends have been encouraging me to do so, I thought this would be as good a time as ever to begin sharing my thoughts in the form of a blog. However, I would like it known that I was not coerced into blogging. I find the internet an effective way to discuss things (this is assuming intelligence and sanity on the part of the user); it allows time for choosing the right words, the intended phrasing, using the intricacies of the English language to its fullest, and for people to debate transcontinentally.

The topics discussed and items shared will surely be as random as I am, so that should be interesting for both of us. (Should you ever have any topic requests, please let me know.) And before we set off into the day together, let’s take this second that we have to plan our next two seconds …

For isn’t one second of thought better than wasting two?
We must be ready for when the sun has climbed to noon.



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